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Hello and welcome to WakePullCarve!
If you are here it is probably because you’re an avid water ski or wakeboard enthusiast, or maybe both like me. I’ve spent countless hours compiling this information into one directory of all the water ski and wakeboarding locations in the world. Next time you want to go on vacation or are thinking of going on vacation, take a look to see if there is a wakeboard park or water ski club nearby. Or perhaps you are new to the sport and would like to find a cable park / water ski club near you, we have many learning guides on how to choose the right wakeboard / water ski, how to mount bindings and understand the scoring for competitive water skiing; as well as hundreds of reviews for the best wakeboard, best combo water ski, best wakeboard tower, best slalom ski or any other essential item you are thinking about buying. We try to get our hands on every piece of equipment we review to give an honest opinion on it’s performance, whom it would suit and recommend any alternatives.

Hello my name is Ryan, founder and editor of WakePullCarve. 

I have for as long as I remember been on the water, whether waterskiing or wakeboarding or even barefoot skiing; any chance I had to be on the water I was there; water has always been apart of my life. 
I grew up in the UK into a family that was obsessed with waterskiing. Not only did we water ski for leisure with friends and family, but also to bring happiness to others. Both of my parents are qualified water ski instructors and in their spare time taught disabled bodied persons to water ski at Homepierpoint in Nottingham, UK for the BDWSA – British Disabled Water Ski Asscociation (Now called BDWWA). There is a unquie feeling one gets when standing on the water, travelling at 30-34mph. Being able to share that experience with others regardless of their situation is something that is close to my heart and the reason for building this website. I want to give people the resources to find their nearest wakeboard park or water ski club, get out there and enjoy themselves. If you are a well established club wanting to be listed or a newbie looking to break into the sport and would like some guidance or simply want to upgrade your exisiting setup to the lastest 2020 season and need assistance, please don’t hesistate to reach out to me in the contact page, I’d be happy to hear from you.


Ryan Fennelly,

Founder of WakePullCarve