Best Inflatable Water Slide

Best Inflatable Water Slide

Best Inflatable Water Slide

Everyone loves spending quality time outdoors during summer. So, kids and adults are excited alike when an activity involves water! All you need is quality equipment to ensure a fun, adventurous, and safe playtime.

Inflatable water slides are some of the most popular outdoor equipment. However, you’ll need to keep a few things in mind before purchasing.

Since I’m a water sports enthusiast myself, I will help you decide on buying the best inflatable water slide with honest and well-researched reviews. So, take a deep breath and dive into this guide to make the perfect purchase!

Frequently Asked Questions

How to select the right inflatable water slide?

  • Material

I consider material a crucial part of the buying process. The material affects the water slide’s quality and, eventually, its performance and durability. Some water slides are made using Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), as it is quite elastic.

Other slides are made of Nylon, making them strong, portable, and elastic. So, it would be best if you settled for a durable, sturdy, and lightweight slide that does not puncture easily.

  • Space

Do you want a massive inflatable water slide that would sit on your front lawn? Or are you looking for a compact slide that fits in your backyard or garage? Well, the size of the water slide should match the comfort of the space you’re willing to sacrifice for it.

I recommend square-shaped water slides if you have a smaller space designated for them. If not, you can place a big slide anywhere on the plain ground with no sharp objects lying nearby.

  • Cost

It is sensible to check the cost of the slide before you purchase it. Going for cheap inflatables is a bad idea since they are made of poor-quality plastic and won’t ensure safety. Moreover, cheap slides are not puncture-resistant. They can spoil your fun and create quite a mess if it bursts or leaks.

  • Age

Are you looking for some adventure with your family in the pool during the weekend? So, before purchasing any slides, I recommend you check with another important detail:

Age is an important criterion to consider while purchasing an inflatable water slide. There is a different water slide for your toddlers, or for adults, teens, and even the grandparents. Either way, you need to buy the slide carefully considering the users’ ages. Some inflatables are for all ages, while some may have age and weight restrictions.

  • Installation Process

If you lack prior experience with water slides, you should consider the installation process. Large water slides with many chambers require more expertise and time to set up, while smaller ones are easy to install. Thus, it is important to check whether an instruction manual is provided or not and if you feel confident enough to set it up on your own.

  • Design

Inflatable water slides are fascinating in the designs they are available in. Their designs comprise cartoon characters, fictional movie stars, or plain bright colors. You can choose whatever you feel matches your personality and setup.

  • Chambers

Slides and chambers are the most exciting element of an inflatable water slide. The more the chambers, the more fun! So, if you want to go all-in with your purchase, you can look for water slides with more than 3-4 chambers to increase the activity’s intensity. However, if you’re looking for a smaller, more compact slide, too many chambers can make it stuffy.

  • Purpose

You should be clear about the purpose of making a purchase. If you’re looking for an inflatable water slide for an event, you may want a larger, sturdier slide with many chambers and slides. However, for family use or to keep one by the pool, you might want a sleek, compact slide with a smaller number of chambers.

  • Repair Assistance

It would help if you always bought an inflatable water slide with a DIY repair kit. It is not possible to call for an expert technician each time you face problems with your slide.

  • Portability

Always settle for a slide that is not too heavy. It is important to move the water slide around to clean the area or change its location. Portability usually depends on the material of the slide. So, you must be mindful of the weight before buying a water slide.

How to use an inflatable water slide safely?

  • Proper Installation

Even if you are a pro in assembling products, I suggest reading the instruction manual carefully before installing the inflatable water slide. Improper installation can lead to future punctures and other problems.

  • Regular Cleaning

Wash your inflatable water slide frequently. I clean mine after every use to prevent skin allergies, bad odor, and dust accumulation.

  • Sensible Storage

Always deflate your slide completely before keeping it away. Store your slide in a cool, clean, and dry place. Heat can spoil your slide and cause skin diseases when used after keeping it in a hot place.

  • Cautious Usage

Always keep an eye on children in an inflatable slide since the water height can be overwhelming for kids below 10. Keep a lifejacket nearby if your water slide is big and fit for adult use. Never allow children below the age of 3 to play in an inflatable water slide without supervision.

  • Exposure to the Sun

Do not keep the inflatable water slide under the sun for too long. This can make the colors fade due to extreme heat. Dry water slides should be kept for only 3-4 hours in the sun.

Best Picks for Inflatable Water Slide

Banzai Surf N’ Splash Water Park

Banzai Surf N’ Splash Water Park

Over 14 Feet Long, 10 Feet Wide And 8 Feet Tall!

Surf 'N Splash Water Park Includes 1 Inflatable Basketball For Unlimited Water Fun.

Inflates In Less Than 2 Minutes - Quick And Easy Set Up.

Check Price in USD

This large-sized inflatable water slide offers a great way to spend your summer. It is suitable for toddlers and provides plenty of fun features to explore. It is sturdy and can bear the weight of at least 4 to 5 children.

This splendid product comes with a head sprinkler and a water-spraying wave that create an exciting rain-like effect. Plus, this product is equipped with an in-built basketball hoop for a fun game in the pool.

For youngsters to comfortably play and move around, this product comes in a 14-feet long and 10-feet wide setup. What I find most enticing is the 8-feet tall water slide because it results in an exhilarating splash once we slide down.

Besides these, this inflatable water slide comes with a patch kit for instant repairs. Moreover, it inflates in less than two minutes and thus offers a quick and hassle-free setup time. So, if your kids are looking for a way to cool off this summer, this water slide could be a wonderful option!


  • Spacious Setup
  • Features additional head sprinkler and water-spraying wave
  • Includes a patch-kit


  • Heavy

WOW Watersports Slide N Smile Waterslide

WOW Watersports Slide N Smile Waterslide

Giant 108 x 84 x 50" 2 lane Waterslide

Makes a great dock or pool slide

Connect as many walkway and mats together as you like

Check Price in USD

This inflatable water slide offers an exciting way to kick-start summer. Whether it is the large two-lane slide or the inflatable side rails, this product is a great fit for kids and adults alike. What’s more, its 9x6x4 feet dimensions make for an ultra-spacious setup along with some wonderful features.

It comes with a zippered connection system that lets you attach WOW’s Water Walkways or the Water Mats. So, this increases the space and gives you the option to structure your water-themed playground.

It accommodates side grommets convenient for when you want to tie the slide to the dock. Moreover, it features bright graphics to increase its visibility if you’re looking to take the slide-out on the lake or elsewhere.

If you want to have a fun-filled family adventure beside the pool or a lake, this product could be just what you need!


  • Features inflatable side rails
  • Accommodates a two-lane slide
  • Affordable pricing
  • Zippered connection system for additional space
  • Bright graphics for high-visibility


  • Heavy
  • Actual shape may not match that of the image shown

Ottaro Inflatable Bounce House Castle

Ottaro Inflatable Bounce House Castle

840D Oxford Cloth for Durability

Features two slides and a climbing wall

Includes Safety Certifications

Check Price in USD

This product offers a multi-function water slide experience for children with exciting features. It comes in a heavy-duty, puncture-proof build that offers great durability and quality. With an 840D Oxford cloth cover, your kids can jump and bounce around all they like!

This Ottaro product includes two water slides, a climbing wall, and a splash pool. Moreover, this setup can comfortably accommodate up to 5 children and up to a weight of 300lbs. So, you can conveniently host a summer party for your children away from the heat in this in-house water castle!

It comes with a Children Product Certificate and has undergone CPSC tests to ensure the best quality product with adequate safety features. While it offers a great water adventure outdoors, it can also be used as a ball pool indoors! Plus, it comes with an additional Oxford carry bag, repairing kit, and a water gun to add to its amazing features.


  • 840D Oxford Cloth for Durability
  • Features two slides and a climbing wall
  • Includes Safety Certifications


  • Does not include a blower

Backyard Blast Water Slide

Backyard Blast Water Slide

U-shaped stakes for stability

Includes inflatable riders

A spacious and wide pool

Check Price in USD

If you’re looking for a water slide with multiple fun features, you can comfortably opt for this Backyard Blast product. It comes with a 30-inch slide along with two inflatable riders so your kids can slide down in style!

While the additional patch stick and reinforced stake connections ensure safety and instant repairs, the U-shaped stakes promote additional stability. Moreover, this product is made using heavy-duty tarp material to make it durable.

This water slide also comes with a hand air pump that assists a quick and easy setup. Plus, its 8.5′ x 5′ pool makes the setup comfortable and spacious for the ultimate summer party!


  • U-shaped stakes for stability
  • Includes inflatable riders
  • A spacious and wide pool


  • The slide is not smooth

Banzai Big Blast Water Park

Banzai Big Blast Water Park

Cushioned slide for support

Quick and easy setup

Added basketball hoop

Check Price in USD

If you’re looking for a multi-featured water slide for your children, the Banzai Big Blast Water Park is a great option. It includes a cushioned slick slide along with a wide splash activity pool. Moreover, it also comes with a blower motor to ensure super-quick inflation in under 2 minutes!

One of my favorite features of this product is the overhead sprinkler because it adds to the spree. Plus, the in-built basketball hoop makes for an interesting challenge and offers a fun activity for children to indulge in.


  • Cushioned slide for support
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Added basketball hoop
  • Features an overhead sprinkler


  • Seams tend to rip with prolonged use

Top Pick

After careful consideration, I have concluded that the Ottaro Inflatable Bounce Castle is the optimum choice for the best inflatable water slide. It is a multi-function product that accommodates sufficient numbers of children for a summer party.

Also, it comes with a promise of safety, along with a repair kit for instant repairs. Overall, it’s an affordable product that offers excellent quality and durability.

Summing Up

Inflatable water slides are designed for varying age groups and purposes. While kids’ slides are often small and less chambered, adult slides tend to have a higher weight capacity and many chambers.

You should base your purchase on all the factors mentioned in this guide to avoid missing exciting features while keeping safety in mind. I’m hopeful that the above-listed guide helped you know about selecting the best inflatable water slide and its safe usage.

So, why don’t you grab your swimsuits and have the best summer ever?