Best Wakeboard Helmet

Best Wakeboard Helmet: Your Safety Always Comes First

Best Wakeboard Helmet: Your Safety Always Comes First

I’ve had affection for the water for as long as I can remember- the pull is irresistible. I’ve dabbled around a lot, but wakeboarding is special to me. With this fondness comes the weight of ensuring safety, and a good ol’ helmet is essential.

I’m here to make sure that you have the best wakeboard helmet protecting your water-loving mind while you’re out in the waves.

Let’s dive right into this buying guide- pun intended!

All You Need to Know About Wakeboard Helmets: Your Guide

Wakeboarding is the talk of the hour in the water sports community. It’s the perfect choice for a bout of adrenaline with a sprinkle of mental stimulation. If you’re already aware of this, you must also know that picking out the right gear is as important as sharpening your skills.

While you may have your preferences, there are certain basic requirements that each wakeboard helmet must meet. These are in terms of size, drainage, visors, and more.

With my experiences and knowledge so far, I’ve put together the most crucial dimensions to measure a wakeboard helmet before purchasing it. I hope this will help add more value to your final decision to select the best wakeboard helmet.

What Are Some Factors You Should Consider Before Selecting A Wakeboard Helmet?

For me, safety always comes first. It is non-negotiable

Did you know that the most common wakeboarding injuries are to the head? These are in the form of lacerations or concussions. The thought itself is quite terrifying, but you can prevent anything like this from happening with a good helmet.

Take a look at some factors which will help you measure whether a helmet is first-class or not. You can then be the judge to find the best wakeboard helmet.

  • Safety Standards

Wakeboarding can be quite a dangerous sport. The only way to ensure your helmet will unquestionably protect you is to check whether it meets the set safety standards. Make sure the helmet holds WRSI or CEN certificates.

  • Drainage

While wakeboarding, you’re going to be soaked almost all the time. You wouldn’t want a helmet that fees damp and suffocating on your head. You must pick a helmet with a proper drainage system.

Some helmets feature vents and liners for this purpose. These prevent the accumulation of moisture and make your experience more comfortable.

  • Size and Fitting

It becomes counterproductive if the helmet does not fit you snugly and securely. Every brand may have variations in size, so you should take your head measurements and keep them on hand. Never forget to check the size chart of the brands you consider to find the best wakeboard helmet.

The helmet should fit you right above your brow. It will ensure the protection of your forehead. The chin strap should not be slack- if it does, then your helmet could shift. It will impede your performance. It can also turn hazardous.

  • Ear Covers

Wakeboard helmets must come with ear covers. Some helmets have pre-equipped ear covers, while others don’t. Selecting the former will ensure that you have an extra layer of protection.

Helmets that do not come with ear covers may have openings where you can put them. A wakeboard helmet with an adjustable ear-opening always has the edge over ones that don’t. It allows you to be the boss of how much air you want to allow inside.

What Are the Advantages of Buying A Wakeboard Helmet with A Visor?

You must have come across a couple of wakeboard helmet options that feature visors. The visor is not there for a mere cosmetic appeal! It adds to the versatility of the helmet.

A helmet with a visor can safeguard your face and eyes from the harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays that the water reflects. UV rays can cause damage to your eyesight, and reflective water can undermine your performance too.

Keep in mind that you should not go for a helmet with a too long visor. Broader visors can hinder your sight and line of vision.

How Does A Helmet Protect Your Head?

It’s not a mystery that helmets protect your head while wakeboarding. But how exactly does it work?

A helmet always has an inner foam lining.

The layer of foam extends the stop-time of your head by about six thousandths of one second. It compresses and controls the force of the collision, thereby reducing the peak impact of the brain.

Along with this lining, other materials absorb the energy from an impact before it reaches your skull. These materials dissipate the force of the crash, taking the brunt of the arriving damage. The total power colliding with your skull is far less than it would have been if you were not wearing a helmet.

What Are the Benefits of Wearing A Helmet While Wakeboarding?

I know a few wakeboard enthusiasts who do not feel the need to wear helmets. While it may be a personal preference, you should know that wakeboard helmets have undeniable benefits.

The first and foremost of these benefits is the evident safety net that the helmets provide. Often, impact with the water can rupture your eardrums or cause other injuries. A helmet significantly reduces the likelihood of such an occurrence.

When you’re challenging the water’s speeds, some of it is bound to splash into your ears. It can get highly uncomfortable. The best wakeboard helmet will either come with ear covers or have openings to accommodate them. These covers prevent the water from entering your ears and hindering your hearing and comfort.

Besides, you can often mount a camera on your wakeboard helmet to film your adventures!

What Materials Are Wakeboard Helmets Made Of?

Wakeboard helmets certainly protect your head. There are some unique materials behind this. Wakeboard helmets consist of a hard-outer shell usually using heavy-duty plastic compounds, thermoplastics, or similar materials.

Most brands use EVA foam or Brock foam for the inner lining of these helmets. These types of foams can resist multiple low to medium impacts. EVA stands for Ethylene-vinyl acetate, a copolymer useful for its flexibility and generally non-toxic nature.

Top 5 Best Wakeboard Helmet Options You Should Review

You could be a wakeboard pro or a beginner, and the waters could be calm or daunting- all situations call for a helmet. Here are the five wakeboard helmets that I consider worthy of your consideration. You should be safe while you’re out conquering the waters!

Pro-Tec Ace Wake Helmet with Clip

Pro-Tec Ace Wake Helmet with Clip

High Density Injection Molded ABS Shell

Dual Density Waterproof EVA Liner

15 Open Vents for Ventilation and Drainage

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The Pro-Tec Ace is a dazzling choice among the majority of wakeboarding fanatics. You can find it in various colors, from a glossy finish to a classy matte finish. This helmet provides excellent comfort, so you might not find yourself complaining even if you wear it for hours.

The shell uses ABS plastic for its build, and the lining uses EVA foam. It weighs around 1 pound, which is good because you won’t even feel it while it sits on your head! In addition to this, it supports the back of the head.


  • Features fifteen air vents for optimum drainage and ventilation
  • The interior part consists of a Head-Lock advantage for secure fitting
  • Durable construction
  • Detachable ear cover with channels, desirable for drainage
  • CE certified


  • Bolts tend to rust
  • Might feel too tight and suffocating

Sandbox Legend Low Rider Wakeboard Helmet

Sandbox Legend Low Rider Wakeboard Helmet

Flexible EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) Foam

Removable Ear Covers

Certified – CE EN 1385:2012 helmet for canoeing and whitewater sports

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With an outer shell of high quality, durable ABS plastic, and EVA foam lining, the Sandbox Legend are one of my favorites. I particularly like this helmet for its versatility- you can use it even for canoeing and other water sports.

The Sandbox Legend comes with two high-grade polyester spandex pads as well. The helmet’s ventilation system is satisfactory, so you will not feel the dampness persistently. I consider it an excellent choice for beginners.


  • Dries rapidly due to the polyester spandex
  • Features two pads for 18 possible combinations
  • Provides optimum comfort
  • CE approved


  • Adjustment straps don’t last long
  • Doesn’t come with pre-equipped ear covers

Liquid Force Flash Water Helmet

Liquid Force Flash Water Helmet

High Visibility Skull Protection

Sweat Saver Terry Cloth Liner #1 For Comfort and Safety

10 Vent Classic Skate Shell Design

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If you like to play around with color combinations and bright hues to complement your water adventures, this is the helmet for you. The Liquid Force Flash wakeboard helmet is available in many shades and patterns. It also has a high-density ABS shell that people respect for its superior fitting.

What I particularly like about the Flash is its Sweat Saver liner. It consists of a cushiony, dual-density foam with a covering of super soft terry cloth fabric.


  • Breathable design
  • Consists of a dual-density foam liner that provides impeccable protection
  • Sweat Saver gives full comfort
  • Includes ear flaps or covers
  • CE certified


  • May cause some discomfort near the ears
  • Does not feature a visor
  • Difficult to find in a small enough size

Mystic MK8 Wakeboard Helmet

Mystic MK8 Wakeboard Helmet

Lightweight, High Impact ABS Outer Shell With Ventilation Holes

Detachable Fit Mesh Pads

CE Approved

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Mystic added an upgraded helmet to its arsenal of wakeboard helmets with the MK8 in 2020. I find the Mystic MK8 to be a somewhat plain yet highly effective helmet. It offers good value for its price, with a lightweight shell that gently protects your head.

The Mystic MK8 has adequate breathability, which it owes to its ventilation holes. It uses a rather different technology for strap closure, closing automatically and requiring only a simple lateral slide.


  • Comes with detachable fit mesh pads
  • Head strap is adjustable
  • Features long-laying neoprene ear covers
  • CE approved


  • Might not be as versatile as other options
  • May feel a little heavy on the headr
  • Neoprene can expose you to chemicals such as chloroprene

Follow Safety First Wakeboard Helmet

Follow Safety First Wakeboard Helmet

Soft EVA Padding 

Strategic Vents

CE Approved EN 1385

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I believe that a comfortable helmet is your best friend while you’re riding the cables. The Follow Safety First Wakeboard Helmet could very well be that best friend for you. It has a soft EVA padding that protects you from all angles. The outer shell is tough too.

This helmet has an effective drainage system with strategically-placed vents. The design is quite clean, plus you can get yours in any of four colors.


  • CE certified
  • Comfortable fit
  • Quick drainage system
  • Offers 1-year warranty


  • Not suitable for wakeboard enthusiasts who need a small size
  • Does not include ear covers
  • Chin closure may not feel entirely congenial

Rounding It All Up

Nothing beats the liberating feeling of flying across the wake. The spray of the water, the wind on your face- it’s all worth it. You must have realized that you need to be geared up in the best safety equipment to enjoy another day on the waves.

The Best Wakeboard Helmet: Pro-Tec Ace Wake Helmet

Here, you’ve gone through some of the best wakeboard helmet options. Let’s narrow it down to the best wakeboard helmet now.

In my opinion, the Pro-Tec Ace is the best wakeboard helmet in the market right now.

It has all the features you could desire in a helmet. It has a CE mark certification, with an impressive drainage system consisting of fifteen vents. It comes in three shell sizes, suitable for at least six helmet sizes. Moreover, the package is well-rounded because it includes cupping ear guards featuring water channels.

I love to document my wakeboarding activities, so I often find the need to buy helmets that allow this. The Pro-Tec Ace helmet has a multipurpose rear mount strap that you can use for a headlight or a camera.

Now, you might think that the lack of a visor is a drawback you don’t want to compromise. However, this rear mount strap allows you to attack goggles as well- it makes up for the shortage of a visor on the helmet.


For me, the love for water sports is exceptional, and wakeboarding might just as well be at the top. My affection for the sport causes me to look out for fellow wakeboarding lovers. I have put together this wakeboard helmet guide for you so that your escapades are safe and sound.

Make sure you carefully evaluate the helmets before buying them. You should pick only the best wakeboard helmet that meets your personal preferences and safety standards. Happy wakeboarding!