Best Water Trampoline

Best Water Trampoline

Best Water Trampoline

If you’re someone who enjoys being in water like me, you’ll want to find ways to add excitement to the experience. A very thrilling way to add an adventurous twist to your water experiences is to get a water trampoline. It has all the features of a normal trampoline, but with the added delight of being in a water body!

Your Ultimate Guide to Buying a Water Trampoline

If you find normal trampolines dangerous, water trampolines will certainly dismiss your fear of hitting the hard ground. Unlike a normal backyard trampoline, a water trampoline is way more fun when you bounce into the water. I find it refreshing to jump on a water trampoline without any inhibitions from breaking any bones!

What Factors Should You Consider Before Buying A Water Trampoline?

Like all water sports gear, there are several factors that you should consider before you enthusiastically buy a water trampoline. With water sports equipment, safety is the first and foremost thing you should be looking at. So, both kids and adults in your family and friend circle can have an enjoyable time on the water trampoline.

Here, I have curated some more things you should decide before buying a water trampoline!

  • Size

The only logical way to decide the size of the water trampoline is by counting the number of people who will enjoy it. You must choose a size based on your installation location, like a deep pool or a backyard lake. Small water trampolines with a diameter of 10-feet are comfortable for small families or young children. If you want to enjoy the trampolines with your friends comfortably, I suggest you go for bigger diameters like 18-feet and above.

  • Pricing

I find water trampolines to be an expensive investment. A couple of hundred dollars will not fetch you the best-quality water trampoline, but it can be an affordable choice.

  • Assembly

Unlike other water gear, you have to assemble a water trampoline before use safely. This means you need to attach the frame and jumping surface to the floatation tube. Additionally, I recommend using an anchor that weighs at least 60 pounds and places it where there are no water currents.

  • Material of Construction

A water trampoline should have a strong built, flexible jumping space and be crafted with waterproof material. Look for extra padding on the springs in case you accidentally fall outside the jumping space. You will also notice that the water trampoline doesn’t come with nets around the body because the fun part is to jump into the water!

If the water trampoline is made of ‘K80 PVC’, ‘1,000 denier PVC’, or ’28-gauge PVC’, then you can rest assured knowing you’re getting quality water sports gear.

  • Style

There are many water trampolines styles that you choose depending on your preference. For example, a rectangular water trampoline holds more tension because of its shape. These types of trampolines also tend to be expensive. Alternatively, circular water trampolines tend to be less expensive and don’t hold tension as good as rectangular ones.

  • Weight Capacity

Weight capacity on the water trampoline should be monitored. If you abuse the trampoline by going over the stipulated weight limit, you could risk damage to the product and yourself. Look for bigger or stronger water trampolines so you can enjoy them with most of your people.

  • Warranty

Every time I invest in any product, the first thing I look upon is the warranty period. Warranty is always a good option no matter what kind of product it is. Check the different warranty plans before you purchase a water trampoline. Some might only cover manufacturing defects and last for one year or include a lifetime warranty.

How Do Water Trampolines Work?

The basic structure of water trampolines is the same, irrespective of the size. An inflatable ring makes it possible for the water trampoline to float on water. The water trampoline sits high on the water so that you can enjoy bouncing on it with some fun dips in the water too! Many come with a built-in ladder so that you can climb into the trampoline from the water.

Are Water Trampolines Safe?

Yes, water trampolines are safe! Before purchasing one, make sure everyone will enjoy it. With adequate safety measures like life vests and water floats on standby, you have fun without worrying!

Water trampolines are fun and keep the kids busy for hours at length. You can have a good time lounging on the porch while the children break a sweat on the water trampoline.

The water trampoline is not only for kids. Jumping on the water trampoline is by far my favorite exercise! Just make sure you check the weight capacity set by the manufacturer before you indulge in bounce action!

What Accessories Should I Buy with A Water Trampoline?

Water trampoline accessories are essential if you’re looking for hassle-free assembly. Here are two such accessories I recommend to you if you’re already investing in a pricey water trampoline.

  • Pump

Consider buying an electric pump that will be a life-saver. Shorter assembly time for your water trampoline and more fun time! However, if you want, you can use a non-electric air pump to inflate the ring, but it’ll just take a lot of effort. Take care not to over-inflate as it might damage your water trampoline and the person bouncing on it.

  • Ladder

Many water trampolines come with a ladder so that you can climb into the jumping area with ease. I recommend getting stainless steel or aluminum for those trampolines that don’t come with ladders.

  • Blast Bag

If you’re anything like me (a big water splasher), you’ll want a piece of this quirky launch bag. It’s an inflatable attachment that launches one person in the water when someone jumps on it from the opposite end.

  • Slides

Switch up your boring standalone water trampoline into an adventure water park by adding an exciting slide to it. Slide as an accessory will not only make your water trampoline look fun but also add that extra sparkle to the equipment.

  • Logs

A log is a simple long inflatable attachment that is a good accessory. You can rest on it while taking a break from all the jumping or try running along the length without falling in the water. Either way, it’s super fun to use!

Can A Water Trampoline Be Used on Land?

While using a water trampoline on dry land is possible, I would not recommend it. The reason is that the construction of the water trampoline is designed for use in water. It might cause additional damage if used on the ground.

In addition, your warranty might not cover the wear and tear from land use. So, be sensible and use a water trampoline on any water body.

Are Water Bouncers and Water Trampolines the Same Thing?

The fundamental functionality of jumping is the same in the water bouncer and water trampoline. They are quite similar, yet not the same. Water trampolines primarily use springs to connect the jumping surface and frame. This is very similar to land trampolines.

Conversely, water bouncers don’t use any springs at all. In this, the entire structure is sewn on the jumping pad with flexible and sturdy material. This is where the bounce factor also differs.

If you’re still confused about the difference between water bouncer and trampoline, here’s a video that will set you straight!

Are Life Jackets Required When Using A Water Trampoline?

As you’ll constantly be flipping back and forth in the water, I suggest following safety measures like using a life jacket. It is not mandatory to wear a life jacket, but you should always urge young children to wear one. Be wise and wear a life jacket if you’re not confident about your swimming skills!

Top Water Trampolines You Should Consider Buying

Can’t wait to jump on the water trampoline? Here are some of the best water trampolines you can get your hands on ahead of the summer season!

Island Hopper 10′ Bounce N Splash Padded Water Bouncer

Island Hopper 10' Bounce N Splash Padded Water Bouncer (Water Bouncer Only)

Spring-less, interlaced nylon webbing “bouncer” design

Bouncer Dimensions: 7’6” jump surface & 23” up off the water

8 swimming assisted handles, 6 anchor secure D-rings, 4 step easy access ladder

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The construction quality of the Island Hopper Bounce N Splash makes it one of the most sought-after choices. I would suggest this product because it’s an affordable yet effective water bouncer that will make a fun addition to your lake and pond.

The bouncing surface has a half-inch foam padding that makes it have a comfortable bounce. The spring-less, nylon-webbing gives the bouncing feel without the hassle of the frame and metal. The 10 feet bouncing area of Bounce N Splash has six secure anchor D-rings and eight swimming assisted handles. This makes the bouncer safe for use for kids and adults alike.


  • Five years limited warranty
  • Good for running jumps from the dock into a lake or pond
  • Great value for money
  • Perfect water trampoline for kids
  • Easy to move


  • 4 step ladders can be difficult to get up on
  • Not bouncy enough for adults
  • No slide included

Aquaglide Platinum Bouncer 16′

Aquaglide Platinum Bouncer 16

Duratex: commercial grade fabric reinforced PVC material

HD Grip: incorporates heavy duty molded handles for convenient boarding, climbing and/or transport

Interloc: heavy duty molded handles for convenient boarding, climbing and/or transport

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The construction of the Aquaglide is made of a commercial-grade fabric that is strengthened with PVC material. The handles on this Rebound bouncer make it easy to transport from one place to another and provide swimming assist.

Worried that the sun’s rays will harm your bouncer? Worry not! The bouncer is treated with a UV block so it can withstand exposure. However, you won’t be as protected, so don’t forget the sunscreen before you get bouncing!


  • Huge 16 feet bouncing surface
  • Easy installation with the frameless design
  • swim step platform for easy stepping on and off the bouncer
  • Three-year warranty against manufacturing defects


  • No ladder included
  • Allows only two persons at a time
  • Expensive

Aquaglide Rebound Bouncer Set 16′

Aquaglide Rebound Bouncer Set 16'

Duratex: commercial grade fabric reinforced PVC material

HD Grip: incorporates heavy duty molded handles for convenient boarding, climbing and/or transport

Interloc: heavy duty molded handles for convenient boarding, climbing and/or transport

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If you’re looking for top-notch quality and have the budget to splurge, I highly recommend going for the Aquaglide Rebound Bouncer. It is huge, strong, and sturdy, made from Duratex and reinforced with PVC material.

Why settle for just a bouncer when you can get a mini water park? This Aquaglide Rebound Bouncer Set includes everything from a slide, access platform, and log. You can have all the fun of a water park in your lake or pool!


  • Three-year warranty against manufacturing defects
  • Includes water trampoline accessories like slide and log
  • Comes with an access platform


  • No ladder included
  • Expensive

SportsStuff PVC Funstation Bouncer

SportsStuff PVC Funstation Bouncer

Large Bouncing Surface

Heavy-Duty K80 PVC Construction.Anchor System Included

Removable Platform With Molded PVC Handles.Single Chamber Design

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Funstation Bouncer by SportsStuff is a popular and most affordable choice on this list. With a single chamber construction, you’ll have an easy time installing this in your lake. The Funstation Bouncer also has a removable board that acts as a climbing platform.

This Bouncer also sports molded handles for that extra grip and support. The Funstation has a large platform that will ensure you have ample space to bounce. Additionally, the inbuilt anchor system keeps it stable and afloat.


  • Large 10- and 12-feet bouncing area
  • Easy inflation and deflation with a single chamber design
  • Features no frames, no metal or springs
  • Works as a bouncer and an island


  • Low-quality material
  • Not bouncy enough
  • Heavy

Top Pick

The Aquaglide Platinum Bouncer emerges as a clear winner if you ask me. Amazing quality, unfailing value for money, and spectacular products make this water trampoline the best choice. Although it’s a little on the expensive side, you’ll enjoy the benefits like superior quality, warranty, huge 16 feet size, and ease of assembly!

To Sum Up

Water trampolines are an entertaining addition to your water activities. These will certainly make your vacations and weekends more enjoyable with endless hours of fun. Consider adding some attachments to make your mini water park!

I hope this guide gives you clarity in choosing the right water trampoline for your family.