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Best Women's Wakeboard

Best Women’s Wakeboard

Best Women’s Wakeboard

I love water, and water loves me. I have lived some of the best days of my life dancing over waters and expect many more to come. I have met a plethora of people and am acquainted with lots of female wakeboard-lovers.

I love how many women are coming to the sports arena, specifically in board sports. This is why I have decided to share with you ladies today the best wakeboards that I have come across.

Everything You Need To Know About Women’s Wakeboard

Ladies, wakeboarding is one of the most adventurous water sports. If well-prepared and equipped, you are in for a fabulous time amidst the waves. Below is a detailed guide to all the necessities for choosing the right wakeboard.

Factors To Be Taken Into Consideration

While looking for your perfect wakeboard, a few factors should be considered. To make your job easier, I have provided a detailed description of the most important factors to consider.

  • The Right Label

Each wakeboard is designed and produced as per the skill levels of the wakeboarder. Accordingly, the board is marked suitable for beginners, intermediates, or advanced riders. The advanced versions are made out of hard materials and differ in design.

The other two categories are more user-friendly and are made out of lighter materials. Additionally, the price of the board will increase with the skill mentioned. Naturally, if you have just started, investing in a competition-level board will not be a good idea.

  • Measurement

I have made many mistakes while choosing a board with the right size for me. And this used to get me in big trouble. For instance, if I’d go for a very small board, that would sink and get out of my control.

On the other hand, a huge board would make it hard to spin or even make movements. Therefore, you should properly check the board’s size chart, which mentions the length and height or length and weight ratios.

  • Material

Wakeboards usually have a foam or wooden core. Boards made of foam last long, are cheap and weigh less. Wooden ones, on the other hand, flex better. You would find foam boards more often at the stores as compared to their wooden counterparts.

When keeping off the waters, a wakeboard rests great stowed in the back of a boat. However, this might not be possible for every wakeboarder out there. Therefore, a good solution would be to get yourself a wakeboard rack.

A wakeboard rack is not expensive and is easily available at the stores. Moreover, it does not take a lot of space. A rack especially dedicated to your wakeboard would keep your space organized and your board safe.

Can Wakeboards Get Softer With Time?

Depending on the material and skill level of the board you are buying, the wakeboard can get softer with time. If you have purchased an intermediate or an advanced level board, it will last much longer than the beginner level board.

As the skill level increases, the board’s material starts getting harder. However, make sure not to compromise on your safety and convenience while making your selection.

What Shape Of Wakeboard Should I Get?

Wakeboards vary according to their lengths and wideness. Although shape and size charts are always provided at the store for customers’ convenience, it is better to go for a longer board. A long and slightly broad board will maintain your balance in the initial phase. You will stay stable for more time and learn fast. However, make sure not to choose a huge size.

What Are The Fins On A Wakeboard?

Fins are the small projections you find on your wakeboard’s lower surface. These fins help you go in any direction you wish to head. Fins majorly stop the board from getting out of control or rotating in an unwanted direction on the water.

This ensures you a safe adventure. Fins can be of different sizes, shapes, and depths. Depending on the skill of the board you seek, your fins would differ. For instance, a beginner-level wakeboard would have much deeper fins as compared to the advanced ones.

Sometimes, an advanced board has removable fins. If you are fully trained in the sport and have confidence in your skill, you could give removable fins a try under supervision.

What Are Bindings?

Bindings attach you to your board. You cannot simply stand on the board in the water and therefore need something to tie you down. Bindings are available in a wide variety at the stores. It is best to choose them as per your comfort and safety.

They could feel uncomfortable initially, and you would feel the urge to remove them. However, bindings are crucial and should be kept on at any cost. After a few rounds of board adventure, you would start finding them comfortable.

Five Best WakeboardsTo Add To Your Wish List

Nothing feels more encouraging to me than watching women actively participating in water sports and adventures. For all the brave and vibrant women out there, I have listed five of the best women’s wakeboards. Check them out below.

Ronix One Blackout Technology Wakeboard

Ronix One Blackout Technology Wakeboard

3-Stage Rocker

Energy: 10 (1 Stored Energy - 10 Instant Energy) 

Tip/Tail Concave

Check Price in USD

This 2022 version has already created a buzz among all wakeboarders. Ronix 2022 can be your ‘the one’ board this year. It’s a high-performance wakeboard with a plain white body that looks classy and adventure-ready. This superlight wakeboard comes with Blackout Technology, adding more value to the board. It offers full control over the wakeboard, ensuring safety. Combining Ronix’s ultra-high performance Blackout Construction with their most versatile shape, this wakeboard is something you should try this 2022.


  • The advanced Blackout technology from Ronix
  • Concaved tail for smooth movement over the waves
  • Better control over the ride and swift turns
  • Bright and attractive color
  • lightweight core for better balance


  • Available in only a single color

Hyperlite Hashtag Wakeboard

Hyperlite Hashtag Wakeboard

Nick Davies Signature Model

All Wood Air Stick Core

High Density Tip Flex Zones

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Nothing attracts women wakeboarders more than Hyperlite Hashtag. With the looks to flaunt around and features to take huge benefits, this is just the right board for you. Made out of a wooden core, this works great for all sorts of air tricks and handling. The tip is blunt, and so is the tail.

This provides ease in movement and sudden transitions. The board is strong and provides great support in your ride. As this gorgeous lady in pink is easy to handle and swing around, a new advanced rider can also give it a smooth try.

The shape of the board is broad and long. It sits perfectly even if you are not well-versed with the advanced balancing techniques yet. Hyperlite Hashtag is all set to protect you from any sudden problems in the water with the abrupt rockers.


  • Wooden core for better flex and performance
  • Board has a broader shape to provide stability and control
  • It looks perfect for vibrant and adventure-ready women
  • Have continuous rockers to avoid jerks
  • Blunt tip and blunt tail
  • Great for all kinds of air tricks
  • Easy to handle and move around


  • No center or side fins
  • It is not ideal for beginners

Hyperlite Blueprint Wakeboard

Hyperlite 2022 Blueprint Wakeboard

Continuous Rocker

Sized Up Philosophy

Variable Edge Profile

Check Price in USD

Women always look for a wakeboard that can make the rider comfortable. Hyperlite 2022 Blueprint wakeboard is the board that can meet your expectations. It’s a free-spirited wakeboard designed to make the riding fun. It offers pillow-soft landings that also point to how safe this board is. I am excited to ride this wake, and I’m sure you will also be in the same zone.


  • The core material of the board is fibreglass and foam
  • The board is lightweight and durable
  • The rockers provided on the board are continuous
  • The mounting system of the board measures 6 inches
  • Available in intermediate skill level
  • The body is made out of layered glass. 4 fins are available


  • Advanced riders find it a board with minimum features

Liquid Force Tao Wakeboard- Blem

Liquid Force Tao Wakeboard- Blem

Aggressive Three Stage Rocker 

Soft Flex

Stepped Deck

Check Price in USD

With an innovative mounting style, Liquid Force Tao Wakeboard is awesome to balance and ride. The board is aggressive, exciting, and shimmers adventure from all angles. It has an advanced ability to respond to your connection, making the ride fun, reliable, and free.

In just one simple ride, any rider would fall in love with this beauty. By going to the water with your partner on this board, you are sure to learn a plethora of new skills and tricks. The board pushes you to even greater fun and keeps you safe and happy. It sounds like the perfect partner.

This wakeboard’s safe and smooth rides make it popular among the rider crowd exponentially. The wide center portion lets you attain a full balance during your wake rides and makes you eligible to rule the water. However, the board should be selected while checking the body carefully.


  • The board has a full wood core and fiberglass as well
  • It is durable and strong
  • Wide and concave shaped center
  • A new and creative mounting style for better balance
  • The flex is soft
  • The board comes with a one year warranty as well
  • The lamination of the board provides rigidity and torsion
  • It comes with very tough features


  • The board has no fins
  • It may have some cosmetic damage or issue

Connelly Wild Child Blem Women’s Wakeboard

Connelly Wild Child Blem Women's Wakeboard

Deep Center Channel for Control 

System 80 Core 

Full Length Center Spine 

Check Price in USD

Brace yourselves as the show stopper has just arrived. With the looks to die for and the features to fall in love with, the wakeboard of the year is none other than Connelly Wild Child Blem Women’s Wakeboard. Made for riders of intermediate or advanced skills, this board can take your abilities to a whole new level.

You can control the board with great ease due to a slight concave bend in the center. Therefore, the center portion goes a little beneath the water level and increases stability. The board tears away the water and takes you from one point to another in no time. Apart from gifting you with soft landings, it also provides Subtle 3-Stage Variable rockers and molded fins.

The board looks gorgeous and calls you for a try. You would love to grip the center fins provide you and the control you feel over the water. The structure works great and is quite durable.


  • The board has a Full Spine
  • It also comes with a System 80 Core
  • There 4×4 fins present in the molded fashion, and one is removable
  • Available in the intermediate level and advanced level
  • Provides extra stability
  • 3-stage rocker available


  • Can have cosmetic defects such as scratches

Clear Winner

With no further doubts and confusions, the clear winner for the best wakeboard is Connelly Wild Child Blem Women’s Wakeboard. The board comes with side and center fins and has a full spine. It provides great balance and control. Even with a few cosmetic changes, the board offers stunning performance at a reasonable price.

Final Words

Women, the wakeboard mentioned above facts and reviews are according to your need for fun, adventure, and safety. Make sure to go for options that don’t require you to compromise on any of these requirements. Go through each category and choose what feels best for you. Make a choice and dive straight into your dream wake ride.