Choosing the right water ski or Wakeboarding gloves

Choosing The Right Water Ski / Wakeboard Gloves

Learning how to water ski or wakeboard is a pleasant experience. You will remember the experience for years to come. While fatigue and minor injuries are inevitable while learning to water ski, you should select the best equipment for your hands. It gets difficult to trust a brand that is both comfortable and safe out in the water. Hence, you should only select a product that has high brand value and exceptional reviews. While this might sound like a tedious task, it doesn’t have to be. I am here to guide you through the process of selecting the best water ski gloves.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key factors to consider while selecting water ski / wakeboard gloves?
  • Comfort level

It goes without saying that you will not enjoy the experience with uncomfortable gear as gloves are the most important protective sportswear while skiing, you do not want to compromise with the quality. To ensure a comfortable fit, make sure to buy the correct size. Test them under wet and stressful conditions for better understanding. A beginner skier needs sturdy hands while learning to ski, so choosing gloves that offer comfort is important, but should not cushion your hands too much that you lose the skin to handle sensation.

  • Size

One of the biggest challenges is finding the right size. Make sure to thoroughly understand the sizing guide and compare it to your hands. Do not settle for a size bigger than your hand. While it might seem like a better choice for a kid’s growing hands, it will not be convenient while skiing. Change the glove once your child outgrows the size.

  • Grip

Getting the right grip is an important factor in learning how to water ski. The grip and design of the gloves determine the stress level on the fingers. These include a strong palm grip and preferably pre-curved fingers. Any additional feature that improves grip is more advantageous.

  • Material

Kids’ gloves are made from the same materials as adult ones. Neoprene, Kepler, and Amara are the most used materials for gloves. Neoprene tends to stretch after getting wet. Hence you can go ahead with a snug fit on the glove.

  • Straps

There are two types of straps available in water skiing gloves. The first one is a wrist strap that allows your glove to hold itself in place. It also ensures the glove does not come flying off while skiing. The other type is an adjustable strap present at the back of the palm. This further secures the position of the glove while giving it a tight fit.

  • Paddings

Extra padding always provides better comfort. Paddings help to release some of the pressure on the hands. If you are a regular skier go with the gloves that have an additional layer of padding, to stop calluses. This feature is more important for children’s gloves as their hands are more susceptible to injuries.

How to correctly measure the size of my hands?

If you are shopping online, one of the biggest concerns is the wrong measurement of hands. You need a flexible measuring tape for this purpose. Run the tape across the circumference of the hands horizontally. This is by excluding the thumbs. Now compare the result to the sizing charts on the website and choose accordingly.

What if my child is in between two sizes?

If your child’s hand does not match a particular size, go for the smaller one. This allows the glove to have a tight and steady fit on the hands. However, make sure that these are not too small that makes them uncomfortable for your child in any way. Go through the sizing chart carefully as it might vary between different brands.

Should I use liners inside the skiing gloves?

There is no requirement for a glove liner below a good quality water skiing / wakeboarding glove. A skiing glove is constructed by considering the wet and cold water. It is thick and protects the hands from getting cold. Wearing a liner might require a bigger size of the glove. Hence, I will suggest avoiding liners completely.

Top Pick

Connelly Team Water Ski Gloves

Connelly Team Water Ski Gloves

EVA leather padding for extra protection

Includes 2 velcro straps

Pre-curved fingers

Check Price in USD Check Price in EUR

Embossed neoprene knuckle panel along with EVA padding. It also features leather veneer EVA pads at the outer facing sides of the first and last finger. Uses Amara material for the palm, fingers, and thumb. Overall, provides premium quality protection.  The gloves have a tight-fitting, which these ensure with the 2 Velcro straps. The first one is to ensure a tightly enclosed wrist. Whereas, the other one falls at the back of the palm for easy and perfect adjustments. These gloves have other great features, including the pre-curved fingers and ergonomically stitched palms. These provide for reducing fatigue and ensuring a secured grip on the handle.

  • EVA leather padding for extra protection
  • Uses high-quality materials like neoprene and Kevlar
  • Includes 2 velcros
  • Pre-curved fingers
  • Includes 1-year warranty
  • A little expensive

A high-quality pair of gloves are an essential part of any water sports activity. While these may not seem important, a water skier / wakeboarder knows its importance. Our hands require proper care and protection to avoid any adverse injuries. As kids’ hands are more delicate, these require better protection. Do not compromise on the quality of the gloves over the pricing. Children tend to learn faster and better with proper gear and improved comfort levels. Ensure that most factors for selecting the best water ski gloves are met with, before finalizing on your purchase.