Connelly CWB Reverb Vs Dowdy Wakeboard Review

Connelly CWB Reverb Vs Dowdy Wakeboard Review

The CWB team created two pieces of artwork after dedicating their year of experience. This wakeboard’s central spine design and construction required many hours of hard work. The Reverb wakeboard was developed to give extraordinary outcomes. On the other hand, the Dowdy demanded an adequate spine and customized channels. Both wakeboards offer stability, control, and daring possibilities for expert wakeboarders.
Let us review both Reverb and Dowdy’s features below.

Connelly 2021 Reverb Wakeboard

Some wakeboards can combine all the riding styles. The CWB team outlined a board capable of harmoniously integrating the spine, channels, and fins. This wakeboard resolved the main problems, including detachable fins, unstable edge transitions, and weak traction over wakes. In simple words, The Reverb integrates different and daring concepts.

Connelly 2021 Reverb Wakeboard

Subtle three-stage rocker profile

System 80TM Core

Deeper central channel for better carving.

For intermediate-advanced skill range

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  • Wakeboard Size (cm) 131 | Rocker Size (in) 2.47 | Waist Width (in) 16.62 | Tip Width (in) 10.67 | Rider Weight (lbs) 130
  • Wakeboard Size (cm) 136 | Rocker Size (in) 2.49 | Waist Width (in) 16.85 | Tip Width (in) 10.70 | Rider Weight (lbs) 150
  • Wakeboard Size (cm) 141 | Rocker Size (in) 2.57 | Waist Width (in) 17.05 | Tip Width (in) 10.83 | Rider Weight (lbs) 140+
  • Wakeboard Size (cm) 146 | Rocker Size (in) 2.65 | Waist Width (in) 17.05 | Tip Width (in) 10.83 | Rider Weight (lbs) 160+

Key Features

  • Build Quality
Nowadays, the materials used to create a wakeboard should be a synonym of quality. The System 80TM synthetic core keeps together the wakeboard sections with proper flex and endurance. Compact but versatile cells bear all riding styles giving a consistent outcome every time.
  • Design
CWB found a good reason to be proud. Reverb has a subtle 3-stage rocker with the required balance between a “pop-off” effect and smooth edge transitions. Hard and uncontrolled impacts are smoothed very quickly. The deeper central channel offers a tight carving over wakes. Plain gradient colors and big letters are distinctive in this eclectic and durable Connelly wakeboard.
  • Bindings
Reverb has the ability to match with various bindings to offer the best riding experience. “MD,” “JT,” or “Venza” are excellent binding choices for this wakeboard.


  • Availability on tip shape (wide tip and tail adapted to center spine and deeper mid channel).
  • Subtle three-stage rocker profile.
  • System 80TM Core.
  • Deeper central channel for better carving.
  • 4×4 shaped fins.
  • Unofficial “CWB” pro-model.

Connelly 2021 Dowdy Wakeboard

A daring and extraordinary athlete like Mike Dowdy did an excellent job with Connelly’s fabricants. The foam and polyurethane core guarantee adaptability to advanced wakeboarders’ skills. The asymmetrical tip and tail combine with the three-stage rocker profile to offer extra-pop and efficient control. A central spine located in the board’s belly divides the water to ensure soft landings in pressing situations. Strong colors with steel textures and sporty fonts define the personality of this “PRO” model.

Connelly 2021 Dowdy Wakeboard

Subtle three-stage rocker

Four bolt-on 0.6’’ aluminum fins

Mike Dowdy’s pro model board

For advanced-expert skill range

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  • Size (cm) 136 | Rocker Size (in) 2.81 | Waist Width (in) 16.92 | Tip Width (in) 10.20 | Rider Weight (lbs) up to 160
  • Size (cm) 142 | Rocker Size (in) 2.93 | Waist Width (in) 16.92 | Tip Width (in) 10.21 | Rider Weight (lbs) 150+


  • Availability of asymmetrical shape (tip and tail adapted to central spine).
  • Subtle three-stage rocker.
  • Pro-Core with torsion tech.
  • Ti Base for extra-speed.
  • Four bolt-on 0.6’’ aluminum fins.
  • Mike Dowdy’s pro model board.

Final thoughts / Conclusion

The CWB team produces bold and high-end wakeboards in uncommon ways. We appreciate the rare but great amalgam of building and designing methods in Reverb. The System 80TM Core with central spine and channel, and customized fins, combine in a product for extreme wakeboarders. On the other hand, Connelly Dowdy uses an aggressive but necessary profile to open new possibilities in wakeboarding styles. A compact but adaptable structure reflects the unique spirit of Mike Dowdy. Both wakeboards will expand riders’ abilities in future seasons.