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Hyperlite Union Wakeboard Review

Hyperlite Union Wakeboard Review

The market is flooded with innumerable wakeboards to satisfy a rider’s waking needs as well as expectations. In the huge crowd of various wakeboards, some wakeboarders have trouble finding the one that combines flexibility, endurance, and the capability to perform smooth transitions. However, Hyperlite has done an excellent job with the Union. Here we have covered everything you need to know about this product.

Hyperlite Union Wakeboard 2022

Hyperlite Union Wakeboard 2022 is a wakeboard that embraces the best riders always desire. From the Woodlite core to the Power Press Rocker, fully wrapped Urethane Sidewall to Sintered Base, this wakeboard is loaded with ultimate characteristics to make a rider’s next ride indeed unique. The Power Press Rocker gives freedom to riders to easily lock into defined presses. This Aaron-designed wakeboard is created to indulge in the endless at the park.

Hyperlite Union Wakeboard 2022

Woodlite Core

Urethane Sidewall

Full Beveled Edge

Check Price in USD

  • Wakeboard size (cm) 134cm | weight (kg) Up to 63 kgs
  • Wakeboard size (cm) 138cm | weight (kg) Up to 80 kgs
  • Wakeboard size (cm) 143cm | weight (kg) 72 kgs and up
  • Wakeboard size (cm) 147cm | weight (kg) 77 kgs and up

Hyperlite Union Wakeboard 2021

Performing pipe tricks could be difficult with some wakeboards. This table has an enforced structure that adapts to the intermediate and advanced tricks with its hybrid core, and the water flow is managed correctly through the wakeboard surface. Below we have mentioned the whole specification of this wakeboard. Enjoy a glance at it.

Hyperlite Union Wakeboard 2021

Available on Fuller Tip Shape

Power-press rocker

Monocoque construction (union of top glass and bottom glass)

For intermediate-advanced skill range

Check Price in USD Check Price in EUR

  • Name 134 Union | total surface area (in) 816 | tip & tail width (in) 11.9 | center width (in) 17 | rocker size (in) 2.75 | stance range (in) 19-23 | weight range (lbs) upto 160 lbs | hole offset (in) 6
  • Name 138 Union | total surface area (in) 842 | tip & tail width (in) 12.2 | center width (in) 17.2 | rocker size (in) 2.9 | stance range (in) 20-24 | weight range (lbs) upto 180 lbs | hole offset (in) 6
  • Name 143 Union | total surface area (in) 866 | tip & tail width (in) 12.3 | center width (in) 17.3 | rocker size (in) 3.1 | stance range (in) 21-25 | weight range (lbs) upto 200 lbs | hole offset (in) 6
  • Name 147 Union | total surface area (in) 928 | tip & tail width (in) 12.45 | center width (in) 17.6 | rocker size (in) 3.1 | stance range (in) 21-25 | weight range (lbs) upto 220 lbs | hole offset (in) 6

Key Features

  • Build Quality
With the Crossover Flex Core, a Sintered Enduro Base, and the monocoque construction, a union of the top and bottom glass of the table, we have a high-quality wakeboard. This is ideal for rough sessions of multiple tricks and extreme performance. It is perfect for intermediate or advanced skill level riders.
  • Design
This board is very similar to the outstanding Hyperlite “Wishbone.” The Power-press rocker gives us better management of water flux in situations where board control is required. The ABS Sidewall offers us reliable impact protection during tricks. The black color, mixed with visible layers of wood, highlights the daring identity of this high-end wakeboard.
  • Bindings
Bindings that demand performance have to stick to the stance range specifications. This wakeboard includes the binding that delivers high performance and matches the rider’s expectation to a good extent.


  • Available on Fuller Tip Shape.
  • Power-press rocker.
  • Crossover Flex Core.
  • Monocoque construction.
  • Finless.
  • ABS Sidewall.
  • Equilibrated Bi-Axial Fiberglass Lay-up.

Final thoughts / Conclusion

Hyperlite models are outstanding options for extreme wakeboarders. The Crossover flex core is a step ahead of the Union model (2020) regarding wakeboard endurance and flexibility. However, the Paulownia core in the 2019 model gives us a solid and flexible structure, along with monocoque construction. Wakeboarders who get used to high-end performance will appreciate the previous model if they are looking for a lower price.