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Hyperlite Venice Women’s Wakeboard Review

Hyperlite Venice Women’s Wakeboard Review

Professional wakeboarders Greg Nelson and Shaun Murray applied all their knowledge acquired over the years to give us Hyperlite Venice, a strong but versatile wakeboard for women.

Hyperlite Venice Wakeboard – Women’s 2022

The latest version of Hyperlite Venice Women’s Wakeboard helps riders enhance their riding skills to a good extent. It has a wider profile and continuous rocker that offers a good platform to try new tricks and practice carves. The center shape allows a rider to enjoy soft landings. For a comfy and safe ride, this wakeboard is a perfect choice.

Hyperlite Venice Wakeboard – Women's 2022

Satin Flex

Single Tunnel with Complete Exit

Layered Glass

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  • Wakeboard size (cm) 131 | rocker size (in) 2.2 | waist width (in) 16.75 | tip width (in) 11.1 | stance range (in) 21.5 – 25.5 | rider weight (lbs) 110 and Up
  • Wakeboard size (cm) 136 | rocker size (in) 2.35 | waist width (in) 17 | tip width (in) 11.25 | stance range (in) 22.5 – 26.5 | rider weight (lbs) 125 and Up

Hyperlite Venice Wakeboard – Women’s 2021

Some wakeboards could be a little bit harsh during transitions and going in and out of wakes. However, the Hyperlite Venice takes the best of wakeboards like “Baseline” and “Jam” and offers an experience.

Hyperlite 2021 Venice Women’s Wakeboard

Available on Fuller Tip Shape (smaller tip-thick tail)

Continuous rocker

Monocoque construction (bottom glass and top glass in one)

For beginner-intermediate skill range

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  • Name 131 Venice | total surface area (in) 790 | tip & tail width (in) 11.1 | center width (in) 16.75 | rocker size (in) 2.2 | stance range (in) 21.5 – 25.5 | weight range (lbs) 110 lbs and up | hole offset (in) 6
  • Name 136 Venice | total surface area (in) 835 | tip & tail width (in) 11.25 | center width (in) 17 | rocker size (in) 2.35 | stance range (in) 22.5 – 26.5 | weight range (lbs) 125 lbs and up | hole offset (in) 6

Key Features

  • Build Quality
This simple but reliable wakeboard structure is based on the Bio-3 Core and the monocoque construction. For a versatile performance, the softer satin flex adapts to the energy of movements of women, allowing better and smoother control during tricks.
  • Design
The continuous rocker gives more continuity of water flow and avoids rough drag into the wakes. The smaller tip and the tail thickness also improve the wakeboard’s physics, allowing a soft entry and exit of wakes, along with the center base and the single tunnel. A simple design with blue flowers on one side, plus white color with medium-sized graphics on the other, defines this board’s female identity.


  • Available on Fuller Tip Shape (smaller tip-thick tail).
  • Bio-3 core.
  • Satin flex.
  • Wider profile.
  • Single tunnel with complete exit.
  • Variable edge design.
  • Double fin positioning.

Final thoughts / Conclusion

The satin flex, with the Bio-3 Core and monocoque construction, really fit well with women’s kinetics. Venice 2022 allows smooth transitions and going in and out of wakes for wakeboarders with a beginner or intermediate skill level. Venice 2022, with the full bamboo pop-top, absorbs major impacts, and the multiple fin position is designed for demanding maneuvers in more advanced riders.