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O'Brien Pro Tour Slalom Water Ski Review

O’Brien Pro Tour Slalom Water Ski Review

Each introduction in Obrien water ski creates a buzz, and this time, I can hear of O’Brien Pro Tour Slalom Water Ski. What makes this ski perfect? I was curious to know more about this O’Brien masterpiece. So, here I’ve reviewed this product and discussed everything you need to know about it.

O’Brien 2021 Pro Tour Slalom Ski

O'Brien 2021 Pro Tour Slalom Ski

Narrower but more in length – for good speed

Heavy rocker for added stability in beveled rides

Easy to start learning

Adjustable bindings

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Although the name O’Brien Pro Tour may sound like a water ski suited for advanced slalom skiers. This ski is, in fact, aimed at entry-level skiers. A large tip helps the skier pop out of the water and is forgiving in the turns.


Fin: Carve | Bindings: X-9 | Bevels: 45 Degree | Tunnel: Narrow | Weight: 11.02lbs | Color: Green| Material: Fiberglass | Binding Sizes: Standard (men’s 7-11)| Length: 58, 64, and 68.


  • Stable Design

O’Brien comes to mind when it comes to stability and safety, as they are known for no compromise on these two things when water sports are in question. Riding with one ski seems difficult at first, but you will really love this slalom ski once you get into it.

  • Beveled Rides

This slalom ski has a bevel capacity of 45 degrees, so no need to worry about angled rides anymore. Heavy rocker is equipped in this ski that adds stability to your rides and makes them safer for beginners and intermediate skiers.

  • Z9 Waterski Binding

The Z9 binding is a binding that can be shared by your whole family. It features a lightweight chassis/plate combination so that your foot gets as close to the ski as possible. The lower cut structure of the binding makes for an easier release, offering great flexibility. Its front lace system makes it easy to get into, and the EVA footbed provides superior comfort and security.


  • Safer and stable skiing
  • Narrower but more in length – for good speed
  • Reasonable and fair price
  • Heavy rocker for added stability in beveled rides
  • Easy to start learning slalom skiing
  • Adjustable bindings

Alternative to O’Brien Pro Tour Water Ski

O’Brien 2021 Siege Slalom Water Ski

O'Brien 2021 Siege Slalom Water Ski 


Adjustable bindings

Intermediate to advanced riders

Check Price in USD

O’Brien Siege is another great slalom ski known for its high performance and quality. This slalom ski is best suited for intermediate and advanced riders. This not-so-man-only water ski has been engineered to survive the rough usage; that’s why I count this ski one of the toughest. You will love its exterior design, original structure, and aesthetic quality. The O’Brien Siege Slalom Waterski has four variations, 64.5″, 66″, 67.5″, 69″ – decide the desired one, and get going. It is one of the best slalom skis that guarantees superior quality, not only the first time but every time you ski.


Fin: Carve | Bindings: Z9 | Bevels: 45 Degree | Tunnel: Concave tunnel | Color: Blue | Material: Fiberglass | Length: 64.5″, 66″, 67.5″, 69″

Final Verdict

Unlike other slalom skis we have reviewed, the O’Brien Pro Tour has a fair price without having unnecessary features. The design of this water ski is one size fits all, and the bindings are also adjustable. If you are an experienced water skier and plan to begin your slalom skiing career, I recommend Pro Tour Slalom.