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O’Brien Siege Slalom Water Ski Review

O’Brien Siege Slalom Water Ski Review

O’Brien Siege Slalom Water Ski is an excellent wakeboard with ultimate properties that lead many to say yes to it. While reviewing this product, I came up with many highlights that give an individual an excellent reason to choose this ski board among hundreds of options. Let’s talk about this product more.

O’Brien 2021 Siege Slalom Water Ski

O'Brien 2021 Siege Slalom Water Ski 


Adjustable bindings

Intermediate to advanced riders

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For 2021 there is a huge collection of water skis to choose from. Depending on the features of each one, there will be different levels of ability. You do not want a slalom ski that enjoys being on edge 24/7 when starting out. The O’Brien Siege comes in two sizes and colors, depending on your preference.


Fin: Carve | Bindings: Z9, Titan boots, Division bindings | Bevels: 45 Degree | Tunnel: Concave tunnel | Color: Blue | Material: Fiberglass | Length: 59″ , 62″

Key Features

  • Build Quality
The O’Brien Siege build quality ensures strength and durability. Like many other slalom skis, these are made from polyurethane foam core and fiberglass layers. It is light in weight, strong, and flexible. The core is the heart of the ski, and reinforced layers act as a shield to help preserve the ski for many years to come.
  • Design
O’Brien 2021 Siege Slalom Water Ski is designed to be skied from 34-36 mph. It is aimed at the more advanced skier passing 34mph on the slalom course regularly. The O’Brien Siege has aluminum carve fins, which helps the skier maintain control over the water, giving high responsiveness. Traditional concave tunnels make tracking much more predictable, and turning on the edge is where the ski feels most comfortable. It comes with stylized graphics to look good while the best performance is given.
  • Bindings
The O’Brien Siege has three binding recommendations, depending on the skier’s preference. First are the Division bindings, which are part of the O’Brien’s Low Pro Series. These boots have 14 degrees of rotation with the dual stretch release. They have an aluminum plate with a front lace system, making them easily fit the skier’s foot. These bindings are comfortable and adjustable; however, they are also the most expensive recommendation.
Second are The Titan boots with an open-toe design and Lo-Pro chassis. High quality for a lower price. They have Nylon 6 plates, making them light and durable. Their liner/heel system makes them easy to take on and off. Like the Division range, the Titan has 14 degrees of rotation with O’Brien’s long-lasting construction and dual stretch release for incredible comfort; they are also part of the Low Pro Series.
Finally, in third place, there are the Z-9 bindings, a novelty exclusive from O’Brien. This is the cheapest option but still maintains a high standard of quality. Open-toe designed, light plate and chassis, flexible, and EVA footbed to give comfort and security whilst skiing.


  • Faster (34-36mph)
  • Stable ride
  • Smooth transitions
  • One-year warranty
  • Suitable for different users
  • Lightweight
  • Strong and durable

Final thoughts / Conclusion

If you are looking for a high-performance slalom ski with top build quality, you are probably searching for this ski and have not noticed yet. The 2021 Siege is designed to get you cutting the wake with the best tracking and a higher response time. This slalom ski is suited for intermediate to advanced skiers who want to increase their skills and get the best out of their skis every time.