Slingshot Bishop Wakeboard Review

Slingshot Bishop Wakeboard Review

Slingshot Bishop Wakeboard Review

The wakeboarding experience reaches another level when a rider performs this extreme water sport on Slingshot Bishop Wakeboard. This wakeboard almost takes a rider on the journey of discovering new tricks on endless waves. Specifically designed for the cable, this all-new introduction of Slingshot gained a huge appraisal and got out of stock faster than any other model. It has a soft-snowboard-like flex and a narrow profile to provide a low swing weight. Its flex tip is designed to make the nose and tail press more convenient.

Slingshot Bishop Wakeboard 2020

For 2020, Slingshot has tweaked the earlier version, topping it all off with appealing graphics to create Bishop Wakeboard. The Slingshot 2020 model has a broad size range, and all belly channels are removed to give a free-er feel on the water. There’s no doubt that Slingshot’s 2020 wakeboard version gives endless reasons to riders for this pick.

Slingshot Bishop Wakeboard 2020

Three-Stage Rocker

Flex Tips

Narrow Outline

Check Price in USD

  • Wakeboard size (cm) 142 | rocker size (in) 2.8 | waist width (cm) 42.7
  • Wakeboard size (cm) 146 | rocker size (in) 3 | waist width (cm) 43
  • Wakeboard size (cm) 150 | rocker size (in) 3 | waist width (cm) 43.7

Key Features

  • Build Quality

The 2020 Bishop has a wooden core. This kind of core is constructed by joining the laminates vertically one by one, really tight; wood makes the board strong and flexible. It also has reinforced carbon fibers, adding the board strength, flexibility, and lightweight. The wooden core makes the board stable over the water to sustain the rider as the carbon inserts reduce the overall weight, increase pull strength, and give a consistent flex.

This wakeboard has a slider/grind base. This base is constructed with Ballistic technology; it has 0.7 mm of bulletproof protection, involving the whole board surface to make it resist any hit and kick during the ride, allowing the rider to be relaxed about delamination or wearing down the base. It also has a narrow outline; this offers a bigger board response, as it increases the speed of the ride while the feel over the water gets more playful.

  • Design

The 2020 Bishop has a three-stage rocker that gives the rider the feel of control over the water; this rocker line also slows down slightly the speed of the ride, but it’s amazing to maintain different sections for sliding over the obstacles. A three-stage rocker will send the rider faster and higher into the air; this is a more abrupt and explosive pop off the wake.

This board has a thicker center to make it more rigid in the middle. This makes the board resist the pressure of the ride. This feature is really cool for boat riding as it gives a bigger pop kick. The board can maintain the speed in clean landings off the wake. Besides, it has flex tips in tip and tail, exclusive from Slingshot, designed to make them way more exuberant than other boards. These flex tips join the stiff belly to increase the jump of the ride to an incredible new level.

Slingshot has introduced into The Bishop the same technology of skateboard wheels. Its rails are made of high-quality urethane. This is their exclusive Fusion sidewall, infusing the rail into the board’s core. They accomplish durability and unequaled dampening.

This amazing wakeboard is especially designed for park riding and it has a genius art work made by Wesley Mark Jacobsen and Blake Bishop, who together created this attractive colored board.

  • Bindings

This table has a specific binding configuration. The KTV and RAD bindings work really well with this wakeboard.

This wakeboard comes with the recommended 2020 Rad boots. These can be found in ten sizes, from 4 to 13. They are made for both park and boat riding. They have a lighter and lower profile with a clean and major performance in any kind of riding style. With the K9 mounting system, the rider has the freedom to customize his stance as he prefers in a solid attachment to the board.


  • Stronger and highly flexible.
  • Lightweight.
  • Increased pop off the wake.


  • Not for beginners

Many riders gorge on buying a specialized wakeboard too early on, which is usually not worth it. This Bishop is one of the most appreciable wakeboards, ideal for those who always hunt for a number of ways for a scream-a-minute wakeboarding fun. Bishop can easily meet such expectations. After the first few rounds on the wakeboard, one won’t be able to resist wakeboarding with Slingshot Bishop Wakeboard.

Final thoughts / Conclusion

The 2020 Bishop is one incredible tool for riders to increase their surfing abilities. Last year was for sure a success, but for 2020, Slingshot’s team has delivered an improved wakeboard in three high-quality sizes to make sure you can get the perfect one for you. Don´t wait! Come and get yours before it’s too late!