Slingshot Space Mob Directional Wakeboard Review

Slingshot Space Mob Directional Wakeboard Review

Slingshot Space Mob Directional Wakeboard Review

Keep it weird! Quinn Silvernale and Wesley Mark Jacobsen create a fun wakeboard for every rider who wants to have fun while giving the best wakeboarding performance. They took their inspiration from other amazing designs, such as Yagoons’s snowboards and Capita’s spring break boards. So, here you got a unique wakeboard, a product of Quinn and Wesley’s experiments.

Slingshot Space Mob Directional Wakeboard 2020

Whenever you see it, you wonder about its feel under your feet and over the water, and you automatically say, Wow! The Slingshot Space mob Directional Wakeboard has a new asymmetrical design with inserts and flex in all the right places for riders looking for a new feel and look on the water.

Slingshot Space Mob Directional Wakeboard 2020

Continuous Rocker Profile

Directional Shape

Swallow Trail

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  • Wakeboard size 160 cm | rocker size (in) 1.8 | waist width (in) 41.7
  • Intermediate to expert skill range

Key Features

  • Build Quality

The Space Mob Wakeboard has a slider/ballistic base. Ballistic is a certified technology, giving the board 0.7mm of bulletproof protection. It doesn’t matter if you’re over wood, metal, plastic, water, sand, or grass; Ballistic is stronger and will resist every hit and kick during the ride. This wakeboard has a wooden core, vertically laminated, adding strength and high flexibility. Besides, it also has carbon fiber reinforced inserts into the board, reducing the overall weight but increasing pull strength and giving a consistent flex.

This incredible board has a directional shape. It has a big and wide nose with a skinny tail that creates a pivot point in the front of the board, giving an awesome transition from edge to edge and over the wakes. The Space Mob’s asymmetrical outline apparently makes no sense when you look at it, but once you get into the water with this wakeboard, you understand it’s crazy coffin shape.

  • Design

The Space Mob Directional is ideal for men riders to ride over the wake in open water. The big nose, wide tip, and skilly tail make it more flexible. The exclusive design of the wakeboard gives it a clean and radical throwback move to make a rocking roll rooster tail. This wakeboard has a continuous rocker profile which increases the speed but reduces the arm drag; this rocker means it’ll have a consistent and predictable pop off the wake. This marvelous wakeboard has a Slingshot fusion sidewall. The Slingshot’s design team has used the technology of skateboard wheels into the rail of their boards: high-quality urethane. They have an innovative building process that injects the rail directly into the core, constructing a damping and durability unseen before.

The art design of this board was made by Wesley Mark Jacobsen, a man who not only worked on making this board a professional tool for you to ride but also wanted to make it incredibly attractive for you to look good while you use it. It isn´t just an illustration, it’s a piece of art. There you find this crazy grey alien laying in his space tomb, it looks like a mummy who brings together past and future into one and only trip over the wake: this is a mind-blowing graphic.

  • Bindings

The Space Mob 2020 comes with a super dynamic stance, giving the rider so many options to set up his binding attachment. This is absolute freedom to make it fun and comfortable.

The Space Mob is an all-terrain boots to join with this awesome board. These boots are so good-looking, they seem to be designed in outer space like made for astronauts. The newest lace liners and the tri-zone closure make the boot fit exactly as the rider needs without losing the adjustment. They have removable tongues and liners and they come in eight sizes from 6 to 13.


  • Strongest design.
  • Maximum flexibility.
  • Lightweight.
  • Dynamic stance options.
  • Unusual super fun.

Final thoughts / Conclusion

Slingshot has got so far with this mad wakeboard. The 2020 Space Mob, also called The Space Tomb, is a big and flexible board recommended just for anything you might imagine. Use it with bindings in front, as usual in the middle, back, or without bindings. Ride it backward, ride it laying down, ride it however you want. This is just for you to come back to do what you love: walking over the water.