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Slingshot Super Grom Kids Wakeboard Review

Slingshot Super Grom Kids Wakeboard Review

Slingshot Super Grom Kids Wakeboard Review

Wakeboarding is gaining huge popularity among different age groups. This is why several wakeboards manufacturers endeavor to introduce an improved version of wakes that achieve a good score in terms of comfort, stability, appearance, and durability. And one of the popular names in the wakeboard industry is Slingshot that gives plenty of reasons to choose their offered product. Riders show a high interest in buying their wakeboard cable parks; after all, their cable wakeboards offer the potential to bust amazing tricks. We have reviewed several manufacturers to find the perfect wakeboard, especially for kids. This time, Slingshot grabbed our attention as they offer good balance for the newbie and avid youth rider.

Slingshot Super Grom Kids Wakeboard 2022

Slingshot is one of the leading wakeboard brands that has recognized the trend in wake attracting young ones. This is why they dedicated their efforts to creating another much-improved and terrific Slingshot wakeboard named Super Grom. Today, it is considered one of the highest performance boards with the enormous capacity to enhance the rider’s riding experience. Built with Atomic Wood Core and softer flex, this wakeboard is perfect for lightweight riders who can easily perform new tricks and stand out on the water waves without discomfort.

Slingshot Super Grom Kids Wakeboard 2022

Hybrid Specific Design

Atomic Wood Core

Carbon Bedrock Inserts

Check Price EUR

  • Wakeboard size (cm) 125cm | rocker size (in) 1.8 | width (cm) 35.1 | deck weight (lbs) 5.4
  • Wakeboard size (cm) 130cm | rocker size (in) 2 | width (cm) 38.1 | deck weight (lbs) 5.8
  • Wakeboard size (cm) 135cm | rocker size (in) 2.5 | width (cm) 41.1 | deck weight (lbs) 5.2

Slingshot Super Grom Kids Wakeboard 2021

The 2021 Super Grom aims to be that incredible tool that can increase children’s abilities to ride. It is meant to support them to start riding and make them feel comfortable over the water. Perfect for beginners and experts kid riders, this wakeboard is for all of them to benefit from and enjoy.

Slingshot Super Grom Kids Wakeboard 2021

Continuous Rocker Profile

Soft Flex Pattern

Singleshot Fusion Sidewalls

Check Price in USD

  • Wakeboard size (cm) 125 | rocker size (in) 1.8 | waist width (cm) 38.1
  • Wakeboard size (cm) 130 | rocker size (in) 2 | waist width (cm) 39.6
  • Wakeboard size (cm) 135 | rocker size (in) 2.5 | waist width (cm) 41.1

Key Features

  • Build Quality

Slingshot is particularly famous because of its wooden boards, and the 2021 Super Grom is no exception. This awesome wakeboard has a wooden core, constructed by putting together a series of softwood laminates joined vertically to provide high flexibility and enough strength to have fun year after year. It also has carbon fiber inserts inlaid into the board to make it strong, super light, and very flexible; with the overall weight reduced, this board has a consistent flex and more pull strength.

The base of The Super Grom has certified Ballistic technology, which gives it 0.7mm of bulletproof protection. The Slingshot team is full of rude riders, so the boards have to be strong enough to resist all of their hits and kicks during the rides. The ballistic base will protect every feature of the wakeboard from delivering the best quality in all trips.

Something cool about this board is the soft flex pattern which allows the riders to have a major flex without putting too much effort into their presses. Tip and tail are easier to use than other boards, giving the riders the feel of confidence over the obstacles.

  • Design

Because of its three-stage rocker profile, the 2021 Super Grom will give the best pop off the wake. This kind of rocker line means the board’s center is flat, but the tip and tail have an aggressive rise angle. Once the rider hits the wake, the power of this rocker makes its magic. The friction over the water will sacrifice a bit of speed, but it will kick the rider high up with an explosive pop off the wake.

Slingshot has made the rails of this board soft and durable by allowing the technology found in skateboarding wheels. High-quality urethane injected directly into the board’s core to create rails with unequaled durability and dampening.

This board is designed for children to ride in open waters and inside the park. It comes with four 0.75″ Bolt-On fins. This feature is customizable as these fins are removable for major freedom and comfort.

The visual elements of The Super Grom are designed by the great Wesley Mark Jacobsen, who, year after year, has lots of fun creating the characters of Slingshot’s boards. This time, he has come up with a crazy flamingo having a tower of ice cream at the park. So, this board is not only meant to make kids ride nicely but also look cool as they enjoy this water sport.

  • Bindings

The Super Grom comes with M6 inserts added, which gives children the safety any parent needs to feel relaxed. The bindings recommended for this wakeboard are the Slingshot’s 2021 Grom, boots especially for the younger generation of riders. These boots have an open-toe design with a tri-zone Velcro system for an easier in and out but the best fit ever for children’s feet. Find them in three sizes, from 1 to 3.


  • Strong and flexible.
  • Soft landings.
  • Amazing pop off the wake.

The Slingshot Super Grom Kid’s Wakeboard is a good choice for kids as it delivers the high flexibility and very soft landing for which every avid and newbie youth rider craves. Talking about its major concern areas like durability and speed, this cable park can make you think again about your choice. This Slingshot Super Grom Kid’s Wakeboard is also not perfect for those riders looking for an aggressive wakeboard.

Final thoughts / Conclusion

Slingshot is always making awesome wakeboards, but for sure, Super Grom’s magic this year is its amazing edge control: it is soft, strong, and reliable. The feel under the feet and the board’s response will get the kids mad about wakeboarding.