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O'Brien World Team Slalom Ski Review

O’Brien World Team Slalom Ski review

If you have been thinking about buying an O’Brien World Team Slalom water ski, then this review is for you. The O’Brien World Team ski is an all-rounded ski that can hold an edge across the wake and perform well, be it a casual ski or in competition. It is an excellent long-term investment for beginner-to-intermediate level water-skiers who want more than just a recreational ski.

O’Brien World Team Slalom Ski

O'Brien World Team Slalom Ski


Durable and Strong

Great Control and Grip

Wide Width

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This ski is designed with a sport flex and 45-degree bevels. It is perfect for those avid skiers who want reduced spray and less fatigue. The O’Brien X9 Boots are quite comfortable, thanks to its EVA Footbed, made with lateral stiffeners and offers excellent edge control across the lake.


Fin: A.R.C | Bindings: X-9 | Bevels: 45 Degree | Tunnel: Narrow | Weight: 11.02lbs | Color: green and red | Material: Fiberglass | Binding Sizes: Standard (men’s 7-11)| Length: 64” & 68”


  • Craftmanship

Brilliant design and craftsmanship. Worry not! It does not weigh much but ensures very impressive quality. The materials used in this masterpiece are of top quality. You will find this water ski durable, as it is heavily reinforced with an Aluminum Fin coupled with CAPT construction. The ski comes with a heavy rocker design.

  • Utmost Comfort

It has a sport flex and narrow tunnel that offers a smooth skiing experience through the wake. A narrow tunnel is present to create predictable tracking. So, if you want to progress your skill level, this ski is ideal. There is more rocker in the Obrien World Team slalom ski than in any other ski. This is why it is popular with skiers. It is forgiving yet agile enough to start pushing up to 36mph.

  • Injury-free Experience

The ski accommodates a wide range of foot sizes without any trouble. Yes, it is equipped with the EVA footbed. Your skiing experience will remain comfortable and hopefully injury-free throughout. This O’Brien water ski guarantees control, letting skiers master their movements and turns behind the boat. Other than performance, the ski also ensures comfort by cushioning impacts as you drive through the wake. Combined with 45-degree bevels, the O’Brien World Team slalom ski lets skiers enjoy one of the smoothest waterskiing experiences I have encountered.


  • Comfortable
  • Stability and Balance Maintained
  • Durable and Strong
  • Great Control and Grip
  • Wide Width


  • Quite expensive
  • Not for advanced users

Final Verdict

The O’Brien World Team slalom ski offers an unforgettable skiing experience to those who have limited experience out on the water. It is equipped with a wide fore-body and deep tunnel. This ski is perfect for beginners and those that just want to learn and improve their skiing skills. Its narrow tunnel will help you create predictable tracking, and this ski will truly progress your skill level. The sport-flex feature and 45-degree bevels ensure less fatigue whilst learning. Built with lateral stiffeners, you will be in control throughout your skiing.