Best Water Skis for Beginners

Best Water Skis For Beginners

If you are a beginner at water skiing, you are about to unfold a bag full of adventurous experiences. Water skiing is one of the most enjoyable activities that you can do while learning some new skills. To make your experience seamless, you need to choose the most suitable water skis for the purpose. The task of selecting the perfect ski seems intimidating. There are a lot of factors to consider and study before making the right choice. I will guide you through the entire process. Moreover, you will also learn some other important information regarding choosing the best water ski for beginners!

Top Pick

Considering all factors, the HO Burner Water Skis are the clear winner. The shape of this ski is supportive of beginners. The horseshoe bindings are adjustable and include trainer bar compatibility with free learning to water ski instructional video link.

Best Picks For Water Ski For Beginners

HO Burner Combo Skis

HO Burner Combo Skis 2022

Oversized Shape 

V-Bottom Design

Adjustable Horseshoe Bindings

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These skis are fantastic for beginners without prior experience in water sports. HO is a trusted water sports brand name with a strong customer base. The oversized shape of the ski makes it stable and suitable for beginners. It allows you to have an easier start and ski at a lower speed. The V-bottom design helps you to cut through the water without losing balance effortlessly. Recommended speed is 26mph. Another great quality of this ski is its compatibility with trainer bars. The tip inserts design in the skis allows you to put a trainer bar that keeps the tips together. Available with adjustable horseshoe bindings, you also get a 1-year warranty. One big advantage of this ski is the rear toe strap. The strap helps you to progress when you want to switch to slalom water skiing.


  • Adjustable horseshoe bindings
  • Oversized shape for more stability


  • Available in 1 design

O’Brien Vortex Combo Water Ski

O’Brien Vortex Combo Water Ski 2022

Dual Tunnel – Slices through rough water for a smooth, stable ride.

Includes Adjustable X-7 & RT Bindings

Beginner – Intermediate

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O’Brien is another brand you can trust. This water ski is easy to ride and control. It includes X-7 & RT Bindings that ensure a comfortable experience for beginners. The Obrien Vortex has a wide body to provide stability to the skier. The wide body also makes it easier to ski at slower boat speed. The shape of the ski is suitable for beginners as it supports easy starts and big carving turns.
X7 bindings are adjustable and can accommodate men’s sizes of 4.5 to 13 US. The fin is made with nylon and has a color choice between red and blue.


  • Includes X-7 adjustable bindings
  • Wider shape for more stability

Radar X-Caliber Combo Water Skis

Radar X-Caliber Combo Water Skis 2022

Includes Molded EVA Cruise Bindings

1-year warranty

Wide base with side cut

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The Radar X-Caliber tries to accommodate all requirements of a beginner skier, to provide them with maximum comfort. The cruise bindings are the perfect addition to make it a complete package. Feature of this ski is the unique shape. It has a wide base with side cuts. Radar uses high-end technology to get the shape right for beginners. The additional surface area allows the skier to maintain stability and ride smoothly. Molded EVA Cruise Boat Bindings, you can be certain of the premium quality of the bindings. The tongue and shape give a snug and comfortable fit. Also includes a toe strap in case you want to progress towards slalom water skiing.


  • Includes Molded EVA Cruise Bindings
  • 1-year warranty

Connelly Eclypse Combo Skis

Connelly Eclypse Combo Skis 2022

Reinforced Composite Construction

Standard Tunnel

Swerve with RTS Bindings

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If you are looking for a high-quality water ski, you can never go wrong with Connelly. Many advanced-level water skiers trust this brand for their equipment. The Connelly Eclypse Combo is one of the latest models with advanced technology. The best part about this ski is that it is suitable for all ages and skill levels. The shape includes a wide nose and tail. This allows beginners to stay afloat and gives stability. It has a reinforced composite construction, which adds to its durability.


  • Reinforced Composite Construction
  • Durable lace bindings
  • Includes Connelly Tracking System
  • Appropriate for all ages and skill levels

O’Brien Performer Combo Skis

O'Brien Performer Combo Skis 2022

Dual Tunnel – Slices through rough water for a smooth, stable ride.

Includes Z-8 Bindings

Beginner – Intermediate

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This is another great model from Obrien to suit beginners. It includes Z-8 bindings for an excellent comfort level. You will have a good time with this ski due to the extra surface area of the forebody. It helps you to maintain stability and float better in the water. This O’Brien Performer ski promotes the interests of beginners to intermediate-level skiers. The bindings are appropriate for men’s sizes between 7 and 13 US. The width of the ski follows a standard traditional length. Aggressive rocker design and bevels allow the ski to be used as a slalom ski. The plastic fins only add to the smooth-riding through deep waters. Buy these skis if you want the best of both worlds, i.e., combo and slalom skiing. However, this feature adds to the cost.


  • Includes Z-8 adjustable bindings
  • Combination of slalom and combo ski


  • Expensive

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Key Considerations While Selecting A Water Ski For Beginners?

  • Type Of Ski
You should go for combo or trainer skis if you are just starting. These are a set of two skis, one for each leg. This type is different from a slalom ski, which includes only one ski. A combo is more beneficial for beginners as it provides more surface area. A larger surface area lets you maintain balance and float easily in the water. Once you master your skills in these skis, you can move to the next level.
  • Weight Of Skier
The ski sizes are segregated based on the weight of the skier. You need to be careful while selecting the right size. A wrong ski might cause a lot of issues in the water. It can also cause injuries or breakage. However, you need not worry as this is a simple process. All you need to do is match your weight to the ski size. The size information is freely available with all skis.
  • Age/ Gender Of The Skier
All age groups can enjoy skiing. There is some differentiation based on age, as well. A beginner can be both a kid and an adult. If you are looking for the right equipment for your junior, make sure to select one for kids. You will also find variations of ski between the two genders. While there is not much difference between the two, you can still go for a design of your liking. This allows you to narrow down your options further to select the right one.
  • Speed
A water ski can vary with the speed of the towboat. The speed primarily decides the skill level of the skier. Hence, each ski supports a certain speed level. For a beginner, a speed of 26mph is recommendable. However, this differs from certain factors like the skier’s type of ski, age, and weight. This speed is suitable for an adult beginner skier with combo skis.
  • Bindings
While it is known that skiing is the most important equipment for water skiing, it is not entirely true. A ski is only as good as the bindings. Always go with a ski with attached bindings. The bindings should be comfortable and allow enough space for foot movement. These need to be well-fitted to provide a better experience. A pair of bindings are suitable to fit a wide range of feet. You need to make sure that these are of high quality and have good adjustments.
  • Shape
The shape influences the buoyancy of the ski. A higher level of buoyancy is more suitable for beginners. Some skis are wider with an attached bar for better stability. You should go for such skis if you have recently started to water ski. However, these skis also have more drag to them. Hence, you should consider switching to slimmer skis as you start improving your water skiing technique.

What Is The Average Price Of Getting A Good Quality Ski?

The price varies with many factors, including the ski size, shape, and features. There is no definite range that you should follow. However, make sure that your ski includes all the necessary features. Do not hesitate to spend some extra money to get a better quality product. Your quality experience will be worth the investment. To give you a vague idea, you can get a good quality combo ski for beginners at about $200. This price is subject to the features and bindings on the ski.

How To Choose Between Two Good Skis?

Go with the bigger brand if you are confused between two skis with the same features and price. Some brands primarily deal with water skis and related accessories. These brands also have long experience in dealing with water sports activities. If you face any issues with the equipment, customer support of an established brand is more likely to solve it.